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WWe can all agree with the fact that social media is no longer a new term or a new strategy and using it for your business or branding is no longer an innovative solution. However, it is only now taking a very important place in employers’ efforts to improve and strengthen their employer brand and win over candidates at the cost of the competitors.
The truth is that until now, the employer branding has been all about visibility. Are you currently present at key industry and business recruiting events? How prominent is your brand in the market? Do candidates hear more about your company, your business, and your brand and its achievements than your competitors? Do you have business representatives and brand champions in place at important recruiting grounds? Answer these question to better understand the importance of having an employer branding strategy. You should understand that the social media has completely changed the world of employer branding and if you want to take your business and brand to the next level, you have to accept the fact that social media networks are crucial for improving your business.

Here are a few facts, every business owner should keep in mind:

1. Your business and brand’s exposure is no longer the most important function of your paid marketing and advertising budget. It is of your earned media impressions and your influencer marketing in general. 2. Your employer branding strategy is no longer maintained and controlled automatically or centrally. Instead, it is affected by the actions of thousands of employees on the social media networks. 3. All candidates now create impressions and not just from their exposure to your business or brand, but from the different relationships and interactions, they have with various representatives, champions, and naysayers of your company. This is the reason why so many corporate employers are investing in their digital presence including the social media presence. They all use specialists and experts as part of their business recruiting teams to take advantage of these opportunities. If you are running a business with Shopify, you have the advantage to get access to a business encyclopedia that can help your business grow faster!

The Difference between Paid & Influencer Marketing

Before, the employers have paid to have their special employer branding story or message seen by a specific audience of customers. This was the best way of getting your branding message out in the market and to the world. However, today, everything has changed. The employers are expanding their audience by using their own social media with an interest in their brand.
The publishers are no longer the gatekeepers and intermediaries to audiences like they once were. Also, we must not ignore the role that influencer marketing is currently playing. By establishing relationships with brand advocates and industry influencers, all employers can drastically expand the reach of their branding messages.
Even though paid advertising is a crucial element of the social media marketing, we could not deny the fact that paid media has diminished that is a transformation that we are unlikely to experience reversed.
Putting social media at the center of your employer branding strategy is definitely something we expect to see more and more businesses doing over the next couple of years. So, now is the perfect timing to use this to your advantage and put the social media at the heart of your strategy. You can finally bring your business and brand to the next level! Good luck!


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